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Fan mail

I started off my Saturday with this note from Filament's editor, Suraya Singh:
"Fan mail already!" and linked to a Twittered comment:
And the slash article was AWESOME. I may have problems moving away from the interweb...

So I'm over the moon. I don't even have my own copy yet! :D
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Supernatural question

All-knowing flist: there was an SPN episode in which Sam and Dean discover that Wincest fanfic has been written about them— you all must know what that episode is called, or which season it was? Can you guide me to the youtube link? I want to reference this in my article.

You're the best!
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Inception question

Apparently there's already some Inception slash out there. I've not seen the movie— I'd like to see it, but it's not showing here in the 'burg. Can anyone on my flist whose seen this tell me who the main pairing is? somebody/Eames, I believe? And while there were homoerotic overtones in the film (I believe) there wasn't anything explicit, right? How would you summarize the orientation for those two characters?

Thanks so much! Don't worry about spoilers; I'm going to go see it anyway. This is for my slash article rewrite. Because the first go 'round really wasn't what she wanted to focus on.
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Two more slash questions

I'm going to be revising my slash article and would like people's thoughts on a couple of things: One is the very definition of slash. Is it still slash if the characters canonically are already gay or bi? Say writing Queer As Folk fanfic. Is it slash or just fic about canonically gay characters?

The other is chan. Perhaps even more than incest, chan is controversial in the slash world. Thoughts?

Spread the word! I'd also like to put together a side bar of 'top slash pairings' in some large fandoms. The ones for HP are pretty obvious, but I'd also like to include Tolkien, Star Trek reboot, Merlin (though that's pretty much a one-hit wonder as far as I know)... Would people concur that the top three HP pairings are Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape and Remus/Sirius, as far as sheer fanfic volume over the past several years? What other fandoms are buzzing these days that have a high slash content?
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'big name' fan artists?

I've heard back from Filament's editor about my article; I'll need to rework it and get some more feedback from people, but she also mentioned that she was going to consult with her lawyer about the possibility of including some slash fan art. I'm not really up on fan art as much as writers, and most of the artists whose work I do know is older- are any of you on my flist close with any of the more well-known (in HP fandom, say) fan artists enough that I could ask whether or not she would even consider having some of her art potentially included in a magazine? I'd like to be able to see some of the art before writing to anybody.

Thanks so much! And I'll be posting soon to get feedback about some different aspects to slash.
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Filament article- previewer?

If there's anyone on my flist who's actually bought a copy of Filament and would like to preview my article to compare it in tone and in terms of referencing primary sources, I'd love to have a person or two look this over before I send it over to the editor. Or if you've worked in the editing world… wait, that's too many of you, lol! At any rate, I'd like for a couple of people to look this over and I can also give you the editorial expectations so you'll know what parameters I'm working within.

Thanks in advance!
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Slash meta: please send friends over!

I'd really love to get some more responses to my slash meta questions; I know I'm not writing an article to try and get in a sexuality journal or anything like that, but I'd like to get a wider selection of responses. I'm thrilled that as many of you have replied thoughtfully to my questions. Perhaps this will lead to another academic paper after this!

For those following my original fiction story, I wanted to say that I'm taking a short hiatus from it because a rather cracktastic bunny got me for a HP story for a friend's upcoming birthday, plus a Gimli story set during the period of The Hobbit. Plus I need to figure out some of the finer points of the khorite religion before I continue on, I think.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!
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Slash meta #3 (and probably final): please discuss!

Thank you so much for those involved thus far! Feel free to ask friends who you think would be interested in sharing their views who may not know me from Eve's housecat and send them on over. All of these posts are public, but you do have to be a registered LJ'er. Women only, however, for this particular article.

My final question, and the crux in some ways of what I think I'll focus on for the article: if you're an R to NC-17 slasher, whether writing, reading, artist, viewer of art, vidder or video viewer, when the characters get intimate with one another, are you strictly a voyeur, do you do a bit of self-insert of a sort into one or both of the characters, or is it a combination? If a combination, does it depend on the pairing/fandom/something else? In other words, are you just watching the men together, or are you putting yourself into the action, but within the body of one or both of them? I'll be very interested to read your comments as this, I think, is what fascinates me the most. And hopefully will be interesting to Filament readers!
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Slash meta #2: please discuss!

Same rules apply for the first one: be considerate, be as honest as you can be, as long or short as you wish. Filament often talks about the female gaze, and the fact that women enjoy looking at men and men's bodies, not just reading about them. In regards to slash, thinking about characters with an inner eye to their bodies (written slash), or true visuals (fan art or videos), would you say that your enjoyment is more about sensuality or sexuality? Does it vary depending on the fandom and/or pairing? And the key question: do you know why you're drawn to slash? Are you someone who reads/looks at all ratings of slash, or only particular ones? If so, which?

Thanks so much for helping me out with this. I question these things myself, so I'm thrilled to be able to put some of these thoughts down and into a non-fandom centric readership. :)
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Slash meta #1: please discuss!

Okay! I've begun reading a couple of recent-ish articles so I can have some non-anecdotal references for this article I'm writing, and came across this rather stunning sentence:
    In fact, it has been argued that slash is not really about male homosexuality at all; rather, it is about a female fantasy of heterosexual sex acted out via ostensibly male bodies.

I'll be getting the book from interlibrary loan that has the essay that made this argument. I had an instant response to the comment, but rather than put out my thoughts, I'd like yours. I probably won't respond to these as I'm positing myself as an observer and will organize and interpret what happens later, but for anyone who has a thought on this who would like to share it, please do, and comment among each other. But play nice!!! No bashing on my LJ. Everyone is allowed to her own opinion.

For those who are interested, that argument came from an essay contained in the book Magic mommas, trembling sisters, puritans & perverts: feminist essays, edited by Joanna Russ and published in 1985. It's a bit older, but that premise still stunned me. And with a title like that, why wouldn't I want to read all of the essays?!