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So it's been a while!

I haven't posted in DW/LJ land for quite some time. In the interim I've gone on FMLA again to ensure that I'm getting my medications completely under control, I went to Hawaii for a week to challenge myself in almost every way possible, and now I'm 2 days into an amazing 9 day period of getting to spend every day with Evan at home because BHFT has a weekly shutdown for the July 4th holiday. Today I had quite the to-do list and I've done a tremendous amount of it. One element included getting out my sewing machine and making curtains to replace the 2 blankets that we had clothespinned to a curtain rod to keep our one room cool (we have a portable air conditioning unit that we keep in the living room, which is where our bed is) since we have crazy hot weather in the 90s and possibly 100s for the next two weeks. I also made a kitchen curtain to do the same kind of thing, with these amazing heat reflecting and light/sound blocking liners that we hung up in the living room a couple of months ago in anticipation of summer. Photos are below!



I finally got back to my Reggie/Kelp sequel, as the one major thing I'm demanding of myself to be completed by the end of Evan's week off is to have the final 2 1/2 scenes written. I want to be able to send the first draft to a couple of betas by the weekend. Tomorrow marks the 2 month mark of the release of Surprised at Nothing, and one of my projects is to use social media to have a giveaway of a copy and to drive some traffic to my author blog. I also created a Facebook page to do with the Sinclair Method and people in the Portland area. I'm basically trying to create my own recovery group since it doesn't already exist. It's a lot of energy, but I owe it to myself and anyone else in this geographic area who may feel s/he is doing this alone for us to find each other and share experiences.

The past week has been incredibly positive in so very many ways. I'm back on track with basically everything; I applied to 2 companies with interesting jobs and have revisited my prior haunts of universities and will apply to everything that seems appropriate in the next 72 hours just to keep momentum going. I don't mind returning to Airbnb, but it seems pretty obvious that the culture and I don't go together very well unless I can stay at home all the time. I'm thrilled that I was able to buy 2 original works by Nicole Maki last Tuesday, and am really looking forward to hanging them on the wall in the next day or so. My other dream is to be able to buy a piece that my college roommate, Honor Marks, has done. She's an artist in Charleston and has been showing at Spoleto for years now. She had her first child last year on my birthday (thanks for that, roomie! I'll always remember his birthday!) but it just exhausts me to think about her having an 18 month old at age 45. Egads.

Sorry I haven't been around much- if there are things I missed or if you'd like to email me, please do!

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To do

Perhaps especially when I was in particularly dark places of my psyche, I made daily to do lists to have the structure of accomplishing things each day. Now that things are going well, I continue to do so. For my own historical archiving, more than anything else, here is my weekend to do list:
    ⌖ hang posters/art
    ⌖ look at Oregon coast Airbnb listings (for upcoming weekend away for my birthday in January)
    ⌖ vote
    ⌖ repair sweater & Evan's sock
    ⌖ re-read Rune Throwing and sequel
    ⌖ call Jen S. Friday night
    ⌖ call Lynda (done)
    ⌖ make thank you card for Jocelyn
    ⌖ recolor hair
    ⌖ upload last of HASA fics and Slave Breaker fics to Ao3
    ⌖ take photos of 80s clothes & purple DKNY jacket and put on ebay & etsy for sale
    ⌖ same with Fisherman's Sweaters book

There are the usual other things in there: go to Mod Physique, eat, do things around the house. And really, I work Sundays, so I suppose this is mostly for today. But actually pretty manageable. Happy weekend to you all!! ♥

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(no subject)

What a difference a week can make! The week after Evan's birthday was very challenging for me in my usual challenging way, but I got back on track with a renewed commitment to several months of working on staying in my own skin. This weekend was particularly wonderful; a Saturday both leisurely and social, including a very fun sushi dinner with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity. I also started out the weekend with a really uplifting conversation Friday evening with emansil_12. We don't usually talk at that time of day, but it was the perfect jumping off point for a positive and quite productive weekend. I worked Sunday but as part of that also managed to hand wash a couple of sweaters, scrubbed the bathtub, washed dishes, sewed on my owl culottes, and worked on my what I'm calling my Dreamspinner fic, but I may route it elsewhere once complete. We'll see. These days I'm feeling much more like my usual self, though yesterday I'll admit to feeling slightly manic because I felt so good physically and wanted to make up for lost time. The challenge of finding balance will probably always be with me, and that's okay. I'm still definitely in the reward phase of my life. :)

Oh, and my left shoulder is giving me issues again; this isn't the now-unfrozen shoulder, but a possible injury that's raising its head again. I'll need to be careful at Mod Physique this week.

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It's being an absolutely splendid birthday week

As part of my planned rest days/PTO after working the holidays, I've worked out at Mod Physique every day this week. This morning when the alarm went off, I realized I was dreaming I was in class! Funny. I also had a sauna/massage combo at Loyly, red velvet cupcakes have been purchased and eaten, and yesterday during a Portland group working day hosted by Airbnb, my colleague Bubut and I were completely unexpectedly sung to by our colleagues, and we each were presented with some kind of yummy looking pies with candles. All in all, pretty cool. :) There will be further celebrations tomorrow by going on a personal tour of the Hat Museum with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity, and later on we'll celebrate another January birthday celebrant, [personal profile] snottygrrl. Very busy week and weekend, actually— much more frenetic than somehow I had initially imagined. evannichols has Dude Night tonight, and I in turn am going to attend my first ever free clothing swap. So many activities!

I also took my pair of cowboy boots to Shoes on the Run downtown in order to fix a hole in the sole I hadn't realized was there until last month when my mom and stepdad were visiting and I wore them to Multnomah Falls. I normally don't go downtown (certainly not in a car and when I will have to park), but Tuesday became more complicated since Evan was trying to schedule in an appointment to see his chiropractor, and I had the car. Thanks to our handy neocortexes, I was able to go work out, drop off the boots, take the car to his work, have a quick visit with Evan, be walked to the nearest bus stop, and rode the bus home.

This weekend will mark the second of my two full sat/sun weekends, truly luxurious. I'll work Monday as it's a holiday (and I'm keenly interested in being paid double, thanks all the same) but then have Tues-Thurs off once more. This week is the anti-frenetic, not-so-focused-on-being-constantly-productive rest time. There will be movies and knitting, reading, and hopefully a lot of writing. Also moving my altar so that it's not on a shelf but can be open to space. It seems claustrophobic to me right now, so with the help of a couple of paper boxes and the acquisition of Kristi-selected fabric to cover them, my sacred space can be moved from under its overhang. It's all part of a very organic process that feels true to my path right now. I find I'm at last able to get out of my own way; I know I'm not struggling against the current of where to expend my energies. I'm cultivating gratitude and it's second nature. These are welcome felicitations. :)

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Loads of done-dids, and writing

First, here I am in my new happy place:

writing corner

Writing! In my composition notebook! With coffee! And great lighting! In a comfy chair! In my room! :D :D :D

Evan and I accomplished a lot this weekend. Bit shocking, perhaps.
~ Went to IKEA, bought and assembled this chair and footrest, obtained other household items thanks to my bonus and giftcard
~ Went to Sally Beauty to get hair color to remedy the recent dye attempts
~ Went to Yarn Garden to buy yarn to make Evan a pair of socks, and get buttons for my recently-completed cardigan
~ Took a nap
~ Re-assembled his 2 large wardrobes and moved a dozen large bins from his room to the living room in order to do so
~ Watched Cold Fever, a favorite film of mine available only on VHS which we rented from Movie Madness, conveniently a not-quite-two-block walk down the street
~ I got a haircut at Bishops yesterday morning, then went grocery shopping, then went by the library
~ Re-colored Evan's hair
~ My usual 1-10 p.m. work shift yesterday

I was rather confuzzled by my very detailed dreams through the night having to do with Evan and llembas and a job and poetry and libraries. "Happy Friday!" I exclaimed, sleepily, and there was a pause.

"It's Monday."

"Oh. Right. I have no idea why I thought it was Friday."

So… happy Monday, all.

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Joy of completion

I've finished two knitting projects this morning. So of course there are Collapse )

The rest of today will focus on making a crazy amount of buttonholes in my convertible riding pants, making 20 covered buttons, packing for being away from this home for a week, and at long last putting a zipper in my Samus cardigan again so it's a proper cardigan. Plus I have Charlie's Angels "Full Throttle" from the library to entertain me while I hand-sew a zipper into a sweater. Yay. :D

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Knitting projects update

This element over at Ravelry has made me so happy- they've hired on two new site engineers (yay for site engineers who are also passionate knitters!) and have added new features to the site. Including making project posts public to people outside of Ravelry. This is going to make my posting of pics so much easier.

The first three are reclaimed yarn projects. There is commentary on the Ravelry pages. I was thinking of making an R.I.P to my Etsy shop concept of the reclaimed yarn projects, but I'm going to hold onto my Etsy shop name, concept and banner art. My life has proven to be quite changeable, and there's every chance that I may go back to it. But this first round of projects have all ended up going to my nieces and nephews and step-nieces and nephews. And I'm not too broken up about that. :)


The last is a baby blanket I'm knitting for Evan's sister. It looks rather odd in the picture because I'm knitting it in the round, so you don't really see the size. And the colors are slightly off, but it's *gorgeous*.


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Jumping in with both feet

We received our first official week of work schedules yesterday, with a huge helping of caveats, including that the days and time of day were not at all necessarily coordinated with what we'll really be doing. This is encouraging, as mine is 8-5 (not bad, just early) and since their work week runs Saturday-Friday, as of yesterday I'm working seven days in a row. :P This also means that I may not be around that much, especially since I'll be catching a bus at 7:00 a.m. each morning until next Tuesday. That said, what better way to continue to get a bit faster in working on email situations with our users?! And, yay compensation. :D I'm going to our temporary home for the next two months, about seven blocks from where we were doing our training. They had an open house last night, but I'd pre-arranged to meet with my friend Jen, with whom I have become reconciled.

I'd reached out a few times since January, but apparently she didn't get those messages, and granted, she hadn't known what to say. But she reached out to me last week and we met at Starbucks yesterday, then came back over to my place to continue talking until I needed to have some downtime before bed. I'm very grateful that she's come back into my life, even though she's moving out of Portland today. She'll still be relatively close, and as she and I both noted, evannichols is primary in whom I want to spend time with when not at work, and basically whenever possible. So, perhaps all for the best. It has been a huge relief for us to be back together as friends and we'll move forward into a renewed friendship as time goes on.

And a major plus: due to exhaustion and more slats under my mattress, I went to sleep at 10:15 and slept completely through until my alarm went off at 5:25. Woot!!!

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Self-care, and mild ups and downs

These posts probably wouldn't be so long if I posted a bit more often. Hmmmm.
Collapse )
Collapse )

I'm feeling much better this morning than I did yesterday evening. My enthusiasm and joy and gratitude hasn't diminished or anything, but I was running myself ragged unnecessarily. Sleep is important. If I'm going to get up at 5:30 each morning, I really have to go to bed before 11:30. I was going through my affirmations when I feel sound asleep! I did have another really interesting and long dream this morning to do with a prior boyfriend and now long-time friend from college. My alma mater has been showing up a lot in my dream life. I wonder what it signifies! Maybe it's my subconscious being a bit miffed that I've opted not to go to my 20th reunion, especially now that I've found out it's a choir reunion as well. Not sure.

While I'm basking in all kinds of amazing positivity (which yes, has been a long time coming!!), there are a couple of friends on my flist going through very challenging times. You are held in light and in my thoughts.

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Endorphins, my friends

I went jogging yesterday! Three and a half miles, even! Planning to do the same today and through the weekend— until it next rains, even. It felt so good to get some cardio and slow down when I needed to in order to keep it at a jog. Heh. Oh, and the plasma center yesterday was a bust. After three hours I'd still not seen anyone, so I gave up and decided my time could be much better spent than hanging out in their office. Seems ridiculous that the center in Harrisonburg was so much more sophisticated. Maybe another day.

This morning I've been super-productive for whatever reason; maybe a solid night's sleep, though I was deep in the midst of a dream when my alarm went off. I was so on top of things by 7:30 a.m. after doing my laundry and hanging it outside on our impromptu clothesline (ie: the chain link fence in the backyard) that I finally took a couple of pictures of Cooper, the boxer who is so adorable, all cozied up in his favorite chair. The first is with the flash, but the second captures the ambiance better as the curtains are drawn and the room is rather dark.

Collapse )

This morning I'm determined to apply to 5-7 positions (four down thus far), do laundry (done), type in the last of the Gimlific I'd been writing on prior to the holidays last year, and some other things before going to catch the bus and meet evannichols for lunch. It will continue on to be a productive afternoon as well. I'll try and post my knitting WIP, item one from my Secret Endeavor that has had its starts and stops. I'm especially excited about more dyeing once I have my own mini-set and can do it here, or at Evan's.

Happy Friday!

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