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2009 Fic Year in Review

I'm a bit late this year and realize this is mostly for my own record-keeping, but for those who might be curious or are here to read in particular fandoms, here is my 2009 summary of fics by fandom. Links are also included; most of them are to posts at my LJ, but there are a few that go elsewhere where you can leave a comment should you be so inclined. ;) The one totally new element was writing in another author's original fiction fandom, The Slave Breakers by maculategiraffe. I ended up being quite captivated as you'll see from the no fewer than the eight stories and some drabbles I wrote in that fandom alone. I also wrote a few Tolkien slash stories (I've written nearly all genfics in my Tolkien writing prior to this year), but for the most part they didn't prove to be all that popular.

In addition to the stories listed below, the major story that I worked on, but which is still with Storm Constantine, is my Wraeththu novella "Maelstrom and Mage". I did a major revision on it in 2009, then received Storm's many helpful suggestions and comments and rewrote 7/10 of it. She's had it since the end of October but in publishing, nothing happens quickly. So one story which occupied much of my creative energies is not public yet. Hopefully it will be published by her company, Immanion Press, in this coming year. That's really my one major aspiration for 2010: to see that novella in print.

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So there they all are! Not including M+M, I wrote and published around 145K words this past year. If I include the M+M rewrite and revision it's closer to 200K, which has been my norm over the past few years. That said, I will be stepping away from fanfiction, at least that's what I say now. There are some personal things I'll be working on, but doubtless I'll continue to write and post in at least a couple of fandoms from time to time.

To my readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year.
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Latest about Maelstrom and Mage... no time soon.

Hello all! For any following this saga from the initial submission, to the overhaul, to the major revision, and at last the 7/10 rewrite, I sent a quick email to Storm just to see if there was still a timeline for this. And there is. But… it'll be a while. Here are her comments, FYI:

    I think realistically it will be the new year when I get back to M&M. I've got a couple of books supposed to be out this month and I'm also trying to finish stories for the Wraeththu Mythos collection. I think it will be late spring/early summer for that release.

    If I get time to start looking at M&M before Jan, I will do.

So! She's busy. Not surprising. Guess I'll really put that story off in the back recesses of my mind until I hear from her. It helps since I'm going to focus on things other than writing, though I do have a couple of longer fics in mind that I'd like to work on, unhurriedly, and with no deadline. One will be Wraeththu, and the other will be Tolkien. Not sure whether to revive a Numenorean fic begun several years ago, or whether to go the Dwarvish route. Too bad there weren't any Dwarves in Numenor, I could do both at once! ;)
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Maelstrom and Mage rewrite- emailed off

Without even as much fanfare as I emailed the M+M revision, I've just emailed the rewrite to Storm. I had three trusty friends read it, and two of them provided both overwhelming positive responses and a couple of suggestions. The third reader is an absolute love who is a great cheerleader, and those are marvelous to have as well. I had a long conversation with my aunt yesterday morning and as part of that realized that before meddling with it any more, I should go ahead and let the editor read it and get her feedback. I alerted her to the two elements mentioned by my betas, and figured I'd let her do what an editor does, and go from there. Still... yay! :)

In writerly news, I'll hopefully have a new Slave Breakers story by the weekend, and thanks to brumeux77's prompt, I've been doing research on Glastonbury but need to quit that and simply write the Neville/Percy. It's just that research can be so much fun!

I've also done the gauge swatch on my new sweater project. I'll need to take it to a local yarn store to get the contrast color in person, but that's fine- I know in the long run I'll be much happier. The green heather that I did get is a lovely color, so I think I'll make myself a hat! Or maybe I can find a cool vest pattern and use both skeins. Hmmmmmmm…
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Another knitting project

Since I had an entire ball of that yummy green heathered wool yarn from the baby sweater, I decided to knit myself a scarf. Seventeen years I've been knitting, and this is my first-ever scarf. Yes, I do tend to start off with fairly difficult things when trying something new, why do you ask?

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I'm making another couple of pair of fingerless gloves as gifts for friends, though I must admit that the colorway isn't what I thought. It makes me think of fruit loops. :P

Going to eat and shower and take my notebook and knitting and water and leave the house and go away. Library, coffee shop, park, I don't know. But after a morning spent on the phone and then doing some cleaning, it's already been productive but not on M+M.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend!
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Bianca, the Power Subaru™

She'd started making a random noise in low gears as of Wednesday afternoon, and I was freaking out. I was trying to be analytical about it, noting when it happened, if I was in gear, which gear, etc. This morning I went to the repair shop that's literally two blocks down the road and recommended by my housemate.

Consultation cost: $0
My relief that it's okay, for now, but I will need a new clutch in the future (I knew this; it's the original clutch and she now has over 114,000 miles on her): Priceless

On the way to work today I'll be getting a pair of size 10 circulars so I can continue on with another baby sweater project, this one a retro cabled pullover. Hopefully it will be a good sales day as it's the end of our two week pay cycle, but even if not, my relief over the car is enough to get me through. And it's a weekend! And I'll begin house and cat sitting for my friends down the road, so even if I'm not there all the time, I have my own house to retreat to for 10 days, a quiet house with a lovely gazebo out back for writing, because the rewrite for Maelstrom and Mage has begun. And I'm pleased. Oh, and it's a gorgeously chill, overcast day. :D

EDIT: Squeeee! Joy of joys, I just got a call from elfscribe5, who's had a summer gig out in the desert and been nearly 100% offline and impossible to reach. I'm so glad her time there is nearly over and she'll be back to civilization soon.
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More on the Maelstrom & Mage conversion challenge

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Now to finish my coffee. Boy do I wish I'd had more sleep. On the plus side, after my morning shift, our patron services team is being taken to lunch (or breakfast! It's served for most of the day!) at a Portland mainstay named Besaws. Thankfully we were given the menu a couple of days ago as I would be overwhelmed by having to choose a menu item on the spot. I'm still a little undecided.

And at each point, even when tossing and turning at crazy-thirty this morning, when I've been feeling cranky or whiney, I think about simons_flower and the fact that I should consider it my privilege to be alive to do these things. I hope that this lack of complacency about each day that I do wake up stays with me for a long time.
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I write, therefore I am

So in my current active writing notebook, starting at the front is my weasley_fest fic. I don't want it to be long, I really don't. But I think if the two characters in question simply get together, it's not as interesting as it could be. So still a ways to go with it. Starting at the back of the notebook was my most recent Slave Breakers story, and then the genfic Gimli story. I've decided that the Beornings must have taken a toll in silver or some other useful metal. I had to rewrite a whole section when I realized the Carrock wasn't directly above the Ford of Carrock, as in, not leading directly to it. While initially jazzed with this story, now I'm wondering why I picked this particular moment of Gimli and Glóin's journey to Rivendell. Am leaving it alone for inspiration to come along. In the middle of the notebook I've started another Slave Breakers story; that's the one that I've been envisioning in my mind's eye for a few days and is quite contentedly and at great speed writing itself. PWP with characterization exploration in that realm is just so much fun. Plus the visual in my mind's eye of Andrei/Lee/Bran was simply too exquisite not to write. Hee.

There were the M+M edits yesterday, thanks to Oshun's and my talk on Friday. And I'm about to go through withdrawal as I'm down to the final of the three Lord John novellas, the last book on tape to do with him that my library has. In looking at Ms. Gabaldon's Lord John series, I'm thrilled to see there's another one forthcoming; damn, is she prolific. I would jump at writing Lord John fanfic, but they're nearly all mysteries of sorts and/or to do with military life and that's not my strong suit. Not only that, but for it to be canonical, it would take quite a while for him to get together with anyone, England in the mid-1700s not exactly being queer friendly. The everyday vocabulary of a lord in that time period, especially to do with clothes, transportation and genteel conversation would also be a bit of a trial, at least at first. I've noticed some of it slipping into my current fics, but not specific words like swive, weskit or sodomitical society. :P

Mulling around in my head is what to write for Ardor in August. I checked out both Morgoth's Ring and The Children of Húrin to glean further first age knowledge. The concept and characters are coming to me for this particular story, but I haven't started writing. I'd really like to at least finish this Slave Breakers threesome (which is, surprisingly, turning into an illuminating look into Bran's thoughts on life post-freedom) and the Gimlific so I can focus on weasley_fest. Oh, and incorporate Oshun's edits. She's going to break me of my encourage me to use semicolons with less frequency. I knew I lean on them a lot. Soon I'll know just how much!

Hope you all have had a pleasing weekend!

::squee:: Conversation with Oshun!

I just got off the phone with heartofoshun!! There's almost nothing more wonderful than getting to talk writing and fic with someone you so admire and are grateful to. She willingly stepped in to beta M+M as elfscribe5 went off to the mesas for the summer, and during our phone conversation she brought up some general ideas that won't take whole new sections to convey but will make it even more taut, add more tension and make it even more compelling.

Thank you for the call!!! :D You've really made my day and week, especially with the negative ambiance swirling around where I live. I'll look forward to incorporating those new elements in the coming weeks.

edit: I neglected to mention that I also got to talk with koshweasley this morning. What a fabulous day! The only negative has been another round of raised voices this morning, but I think I posted about that. I only wish I didn't have to work. Oh well. I'm too excited about potential writing to actually concentrate and do it, I'm afraid. Later. And Monday I have off because I'm getting to have dinner with cim_halfling, OMG. So I can have a lesiurely day of writing then! :)
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Early morning, rec, and Wednesday in general

I have a dentist's appointment at 8:30 this morning. :sigh: My second ever beginnings of a cavity, so I'm going to get it sealed off. Not a morning person, but on the other hand, I did go to bed at a decent hour. And I might get some things done before work.

When vulgarweed indicated she was participating in the lgbtfest and chose Ents as her creature within Tolkien fandom, I was already intrigued. She put a shout out for a quick beta last week and I hastily (therefore oh-so-not-Entishly) volunteered. I've not read anything from an Ent's POV, and she does this with some beautiful imagery and it really sounds like an Ent. So hie thee here for "Lomendánar (Little Love for the Things of My Love)". Here's just two sentences that have haunted me for Tolkienesque loveliness and angst:
I know tales of the Sundering Seas, lady, and the ships that cross to never return to Middle-earth. But we are Middle-earth, and what ship can bear our kind? Even the Elves make ships of our broken bodies.

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Now I must get dressed and on the road for my appointment. This will be a looooooooong day. My supervisor returns from his 2 1/2 week trip to Argentina; in many ways I'm glad he'll be back, but I quite enjoyed having some actual responsibility. I'm glad I've been able to prove myself, and it'll be hard to be 'demoted' back to what I did before. Still, hopefully I was able to lay some groundwork should there be some changes in staff in the upcoming months.

More soon!