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Lord John Grey fic: "Love Never to be Forsworn"

At last, it's time for me to post my lgbtfest story! Actually, it was supposed to be the 13th but I had it in my head as the 15th, so I'm posting it on the last Amnesty Wednesday. I've never written in this fandom, but both of my dear betas felt I had a competent hold on it. So I now present my first ever historical fanfiction, set within Diana Gabaldon's Lord John Grey series.

Title: Love Never to be Forsworn
Fandom: Diana Gabaldon, Lord John Grey series
Pairing/characters: Hector Mumford, Lord John Grey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Anyone who's seen her fanfiction kerfuffle (which she subsequently took down) knows that Ms. Gabaldon isn't a supporter of fanfic because her characters are hers, hers, HERS!!! Too bad. I enjoyed writing them and writing their possible backstory.
Prompt: 1870. Lord John Grey series, John/Hector, When John met Hector, anything about how their relationship started (including coming out scenarios if you wish), or the issues surrounding the need for secrecy - finding love and being gay in the 18th C British army. From either's POV.
Summary: A young second lieutenant, Hector Mumford is quite adept at keeping his personal life — and preferences for his own sex — out of his life in the army. When the young Lord John Grey is brought into the regiment, Hector must decide whether or not to risk his commission, or risk missing out on having an intimate brother in arms.
Author's Notes: My vast thanks to elfscribe5 and emansil_08 for their very helpful betas and their equal enthusiasm for this particular story. I really needed some hand-holding and affirmation, and they provided it as well as their astute observations.

As an aside, I did some searching on art for British soldiers of the time and found a picture that I think could easily have been Second Lieutenant Hector Mumford:

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