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Neville/Remus drabble

brumeux77 kindly offered up a suggestion for me when I asked for drabble-to-vignette length prompts. He wrote: Could you stand Neville/Remus? Non-compliant I guess, in order to have Remus alive when Neville's of age.

So this is a proper 100 word drabble.

Title: A Time to Sow
Fandom: HP
Pairing: Neville/Remus
Rating: General
A/N: AU, obviously.

The jingling bell over the door made Neville smile, no matter how many times he went into Remus' record shop.

"Just a minute!" Remus called from the back.

A new find bought at auction had had him enthralled. Neville had stopped by, just for a moment, because he needed to see the laugh lines at his lover's mouth. After a quick glance around the empty shop, Remus kissed Neville on the cheek. Neville countered with one on the lips, a wordless declaration of gratitude.

"See you tonight," Remus murmured.

The words were promise seeds; Neville watered them daily with tea.
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::grumblemutter:: LJ argh! And rescued drabbles

I just accidentally deleted all of my drabbles in the prior post in trying to fix a mistake in one of my posts. AUGH!!

Well, here are links to where they live in the other comms, I hope. Oh shit. I didn't have the Éowyn saved... I'm afraid it's gone now. No, wait: it's still in my notebook. Phew! So glad that I write longhand! ;) edit: star54kar still had it, too!

Richard/Alec, Swordspoint

two Wraeththu vignettes, featuring Velaxis and then Vaysh

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A few drabble/vignette requests

I'm freaking out. I have too much time on my hands! I'm between stories/waiting on return fics, and have all this... time! So now's your chance to request a drabble. It may be no-one's around to claim any; my recent posts have evidently not been very comment-worthy, which is fine. I suppose you all are allowed to have lives outside of LJ. :) Having been absorbed in HP of late, I'd rather not write anything in that fandom. I'll take the first six requests in these fandoms: Wraeththu, Tolkien, Swordspoint, Slave Breakers... I'll even try Lord John. If you request that, just be warned that I've listened to the entirety as books on tape and have realized that in my head I've been misspelling some of the characters' names, having never seen them in print. I'll get my hands on Brotherhood of the Blade tomorrow at the library. Gen or slash (m/m) is fine. Any rating is fine. Just list a character or pairing request, any key words or ambiance or what have you. If you requested one last time, maybe sit tight and I'll give some newer people to my flist an opportunity to request one. Then again, this post may sit quietly uncommented-upon as well. ;) I'll get them out before the end of the holiday weekend.

Thanks! It's times like now that I wish I were able to just lounge. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves! I may even get out and see Star Trek, we'll see.

Drabble request meme

Taken from a goodly number of folks on my flist:

The first ELEVEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me in fandoms I'm familiar with. No need to repost at your own LJ; chances are you've already done it. Fandoms include: Tolkien, Harry Potter, Wraeththu, Swordspoint, The Persian Boy, and maculategiraffe's Slave Breakers 'verse. It might take me a few days to do them all and if this proves popular, maybe I'll do a few more. I won't be a stickler for exactly 100 words. They might be a bit more, depending on how creative you get. I'm all about procrastinating from what I should be doing. :P
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Happy Birthday, Oshun!!

Dear, dear heartofoshun: I'm three hours behind you, but in your time zone, it's your birthday! I'm afraid I'm rather made of fail and just realized how soon your birthday was/is a day ago, so the card I sent will be late, and there's no long fic for you. Instead, I come with only a Swordspoint drabble. Still, hopefully it will lead your thoughts to much Richard/Alec debauchery.

I'm so glad that we've become friends above and beyond LJ and that we share so many fandoms. I admire you on many levels, your wordcraft not the least. :) May you be festively celebrated and surrounded by those you love!

(((((((warm, mega happy hugs))))))))

Title: Love's Blind Defense
Fandom: Swordspoint
Pairing: Richard/Alec
Rating: PG

Richard's blade swung and darted as he exercised, taking himself to task. He had yet to duel in his condition, decreed permanent by the apologetic doctor. He heard the door open, soon assaulted by the scent of Alec, post-alehouse roguery: stale smoke, pungent mud, the acrid scent of wine. He couldn't know about Alec's eyes, if the pupils were fevered points or lazy black pools.

"I had a knife pulled on me," Alec drawled, wrapping around Richard's torso like ivy on a column.

"Exciting night."

"Not as exciting as it will be," Alec purred.

Richard kissed him into silence.
Thrihyrne's thistle by eccequambonum

Happy Birthday, Verdenia! (and me!)

Happy Birthday, dear verdenia!! I'm so glad that I met you through my fic (or so I believe it happened!) and that I was able to stay with you in SF this summer during my wild cross-country trip. That we share a birthday is so much fun!!

Thanks to eldritchhobbit for the gorgeous card and virtual cupcake, to sexyscholar for your heartwarming card and gift, and to evannichols for the virtual b'day fireworks!! Looking forward to the burgers later today!

I come bringing a couple of gifts. In hobbit-fashion, I like to give gifts on my birthday, so I have two drabbles for the recent and current birthday folks on my list who requested them: one's for snottygrrl, whose natal day was the 13th, and the other is for verdenia who shares my birthday today! wolfiekins, I will write yours, too, but I wanted to go ahead and get these out first. They're both birthday-centric, just turned out that way.

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Happy happy, everyone!!
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Thevina's Fanfiction Year in Review

It's nearly the conclusion of 2008, and while I do have a couple of stories which haven't yet had the author reveals, I'm going to go ahead and do a summary of the year. It's been another productive one, in which I dove head-first with great gusto into a new fandom, which really surprised me. I thought my head would be full with Harry Potter and Tolkien and I'd never get involved in any others. Instead, Storm Constantine's Wraeththu series of books totally took over, but I also wrote a few short selections in Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint world as well. I'd love to write some Mary Renault The Persian Boy fanfiction one day, but it hasn't yet happened. ;)

I'm going to organize these by fandoms rather than by date, but here's what I've written and posted in 2008 (not including 2 fest stories not yet revealed):

All of my Wraeththu fics can be found here at my website. You can't leave reviews, but for the first fic below, I do have it saved as a pdf there, and there are pictures of 'Castlegar' as well as some other yummy pictures.
§ Maelstrom and Mage, Desire Thine Darkling
49,083 words; Ashmael/Vaysh and OCs, adult
Available here at Forever Wraeththu [where you can leave a review! ;) ] or here as a pdf file to download.

§ Down the Whispering Well
44,523 words; Vaysh/Ashmael and OCs, adult
Available here at Forever Wraeththu. I didn't get around to making a pdf of this one, though maybe I will soon.

§ Passion's Acolyte
3,015 words; Cal/Swift, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Interpret Me the Savage Whirr
6,198 words; Seel/Ashmael, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Quare Clausum Fregit (Wherefore he broke the close)
3,364 words; Vaysh/OC [Yazdyar, from 'Down the Whispering Well'], adult
Available here on LJ and here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Mere Trifles
1,723 words; Seel/Swift (not adult), Cobweb
Available here at Forever Wraeththu or here at my website. I don't seem to have ever posted it at my LJ!

§ Swooping to Landward
13,800 words; Chithra/Lemuel (OCs), a study of Fioan/Colurastes cultural interaction, adult
Available here on LJ (link is to part one) or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ After the Storm, Restless Fire
4,979 words; Ithiel/Cobweb and Ithiel/Terzian, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Reap the Wild Wind
24,402 words; Kelp/Blackspur, Kelp/Hunt (OCs), adult
Link to the first post on my LJ here, or you can read the whole thing here at my website. It hasn't yet been uploaded to Forever Wraeththu.

§ Libertine
389 words; Terzian, PG-13
Available here at my LJ

A few Wraeththu drabbles written along the way are here at my website

Harry Potter
§ Cloudscape of Ravens
18,030 words; Ron/OC, Ron/Severus, adult
Written for the ginger_lust Ron-centric fest I hosted with a lot of help. The link there is locked to ensure no-one underage in the community got to it, but you can read it here at my website or here at Skyehawke if you'd care to leave a review.

§ No Shame, This Life, Beloved
14,792 words; Ron/Draco, adult; in all likelihood, the last story in the "Magic Immunity" story arc.
Available here at my LJ

§ A Rally Toward Exalted Moments
5,567 words; Harry/Charlie, adult
Available here at my LJ or here at the weasley_fest community

§ Scotch Game
9,144 words; Ron/Remus, adult
Available here at my LJ; it's locked at the remus_ron_slash community to prevent underage folks from reading it there.

§ The Sensibility of Wantonness
3,181 words; Ron/Draco ["Crown of Rope" universe], adult
Available here at my LJ

I also seem to have written a slew of various drabbles by request on a few different days. Rather than organize them, there are a bunch of requested HP drabbles here (some Wraeththu, too, but I put them on my website), a rare het Ron/Hermione drabble here and Ron/Charlie drabble from the vampire!Charlie incest story I wrote a year or so ago for wolfiekins

I also have one lingering WIP, a Dean/Ron for the very patient Callum James. I actually printed out what I had when I was at his flat in England in October, and I really will finish it. It's just taken a back burner, to my chagrin.

These are nearly all drabbles, though I think I did write a vignette. LOL. I've written a lot this year and can't keep it all straight! Hence the annual wrap-up.

Basil's Banquet, Fall of the Kings drabble
Untitled Richard/Alec drabble
Revenge Effloresces, Richard/Alec drabble

Hmmmm. Thought I'd written more Swordspoint than that; I think I just wish I had!

Lord of the Rings
Unbelievably after my start in the Ardaverse, the only things I've written in LotR fandom this year have been drabbles, but I do seem to have written a few. All are general rating unless otherwise noted.

Untitled Halbarad-centric drabble
Alliances, Gimli-centric
Untitled Gimli-centric drabble
Untitled Éowyn-centric drabble
Untitled Celeborn/Aragorn drabble, adult
Another untitled Gimli-centric drabble

Wow. So, looking at the non-drabbles, it appears as though I've written around 200,000 words of fanfiction this year. I'm not a real word-counter usually; it's just good for me to look at the year and see where my focuses have been. Obviously it's been with Wraeththu more than anything else, and I don't know what my focus will be next year. I will be expanding "Maelstrom and Mage," trying to double it in length to get it ready to be a proper novel available from Immanion Press, and my slashy_santa fic is Tolkien. This year I also started out trying NaNoWriMo, so I wrote about 3K of actual original fiction. Wheeeeeee.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed my stories and let me know, thank you so much! Feedback, commentary, and enthusiasm are always gratifying for an author.
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Happy Birthday, Just_Ann_Now!!

Happy, happy birthday m'dear! I know that we don't comment as often on each other's LJs, but I'm so glad that we're still in each other's orbits and continue to share a passion for writing in overlapping fandoms. I hope that your day is wonderful and that you're celebrated in a manner which greatly pleases you.

In honor of your natal day, I come bearing a wee gift, a Basil/Theron drabble. :::smooches:::

Title: Basil's Banquet
Fandom: Swordspoint trilogy
Pairing: Basil St. Cloud/Theron Campion
Rating: R for implied m/m relations
Summary: Basil need not worry about going hungry.

This is obviously set within The Fall of the Kings, set a few hours after this exchange at the end of Chapter XI:
    Basil shrouded the book again and restored it to its box, and just in time: a tapping at the door announced Theron, glittering with melting snow and carrying a large basket. […] "I've told Sophia not to expect to see me for two or three days." He looked about him. "This is very cozy."
Amidst the tempest of their passion, Basil paused to feast on the elegant beauty of his lover, flushed and filled with succulent treasures, a cornucopia of carnal delight. Gold-flecked eyes green as forests gazed at him, their arresting colour overwhelmed by his dilated pupils. Theron's dark hair lay untamed and tousled against the shambles of bedcoverings. Basil suffered a stab of jealousy of the ivy and oak which clung to his alabaster skin, a permanent intimacy unlike their temporary gorgings on each other. Pledges of fealty and love clung to the refined architecture of Theron's features; Basil dined his fill.