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Postal office kudos

What joy! At last I have a resolution about why my mail's gone missing for weeks. I received an incredibly thoughtful and articulate response from the main person at the post office associated with my zip code. He personally responded to all 3 of my requests! As a kind of full circle amazing moment from my early childhood when I got my first pen pal and was able to write letters to someone, this morning I posted a thank you card to this postal employee.

The response was so gratifying, I'm posting the whole thing.
Dear Ms. Lee,

I regret learning of the inconvenience you have experienced.

The Postal Service is aware of the frustration and disappointment caused when we do not live up to our commitment of safe and reliable mail service.

Upon reviewing the forwarding information in our database from you, I discovered your mail has been looping due to two forwards in our system from you. When you move from one location to another, a change of address is needed to get your mail to you. If at any time you return to the previous address, cancelling your change of address is the correct step to do. By submitting a new change of address from the current address back to the original address, we have two active forwards for you which means the mail circulates back and forth. Your parcel, and your mail, is stuck in a loop right now.

I have contacted the Central Forwarding Service and cancelled the forwards for you so the mail will restart at the original address, and not forward to 97202. Eventually, all the looping mail should make it's way back to our station for delivery. It could take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for all of it, depending on where in the loop each piece is.

An apology is no substitute for good service, but I want to offer one on behalf of the Postal Service. We appreciate your reporting this matter to us. It helps to know the kinds of difficulties our customers have so we can work toward improvements. The information you have provided will be shared with management as they continue their efforts to improve service performance in your area.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.


Bryon J Suski
Lents DCU Supervisor

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The middle of the road

I was musing on a few things yesterday evening, about settling for a very unchallenging job, advanced worry/awareness of getting bored with my life (always a trigger for my 'liquid tolerance' desires coming to the fore), and feeling generally neutral and/or blah. Or that I'm being safe, but being safe doesn't feel like I'm doing anything remotely extraordinary. I'm just treading water, and yet still looking for people/the Universe to be showering me with greatness just for making good decisions. I guess I've just been getting down on myself over these feelings, with an ever-louder voice saying, "You're wearing your Big Girl panties. What? You want a cookie for that? Get over yourself. It's called adulting." But that voice is very negative.

This morning I had a revelation, however. It's really okay for me to be in a place of seeking camaraderie that is women-centric and as woo woo as I like. In no way does this mean that I'm giving up on doing more things outside of the apartment with Evan, but gratefully, he is incredibly understanding and is more than okay with me pursuing my own activities that are decidedly Kristi-soul-feeding-centric rather than things we'll both enjoy equally (or close to). I have issues along those lines of resentment from my first marriage, but at least I can recognize them for what they are. They aren't relevant to my current relationship and life. My brain continues to default to those initial neural pathways, to my displeasure. Back to positive stuff: I'm attending very Kristi-soul-feeding events in coming days, weeks and months! These include:
    ☆Aerial fitness and flexibility classes at The Circus Project
    ☆Lots of regular sauna
    ☆Shamanic healing and spirit animal session
    ☆Tama Kieves workshop
    ☆Face to face Women for Sobriety meetings on Mondays
    ☆Participating in my first Mystery Knit-A-Long with super vibrant, happy, locally-dyed yarns
    ☆Going to physical therapy, even though it will be out of pocket and probably close to $800-$1K by the time I'm done, but this elbow and shoulder pain has GOT to be dealt with

So… I suppose that things are very positive. Wish I could keep my psyche in that, "Hey! My life is going really well!" place, but apparently different forces are at work in my brain and heart. The truth is I'm doing well. It's my favorite time of year, and I'm making decisions that are good for me. I suppose, really, I'm winning!!

purple hued fuzzy lights

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My first MKAL, and it's 100% local!

This link is to the local-ish yarn dyers whose yarn I'll be using for my first KAL, or 'knit-a-long' for those who aren't familiar with knitter acronyms. The fun of a KAL, especially this, an MKAL (mystery knit along), is that you don't know what it's going to look like at the end. You get clues along the way and knit it as it goes, hence the name.

Midwinter Moon MKAL

I'm using super vivid colorways, too, though I only have 2 of the necessary 3 skeins so far. I've happened to purchase 2 skeins (at different times) of the actual yarn weight recommended and in the kits, and honestly didn't know what I was going to make with them, so this is serendipitous to the max! Shown in the photo are the colorway "Orange Crush" (wound up) and a special fund raiser colorway, "If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out" still in skein form.


As an aside, in doing this picture, I discovered that my website was suspended due to me not having updated my credit card expiration date. So I suppose this is all fortuitous!! Sorry for the ads on tinypic. Once my site is back up, I'll upload the picture there. :P All fixed!

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Red Cross

I knew there was one more thing I wanted to document: the only plus I can tell from these years of being in perimenopause. I'm 3 for 3 in being able to donate whole blood at the Red Cross! I'm an over 7 gallon donor, starting with blood drives at Sewanee, and never had iron issues until my late 20s when two changes happened:
1) I'd stopped eating iron fortified breakfast cereal for at least one meal a day
2) the mid-Tennessee area stopped using the ear for iron tests and returned to finger pricks.

I started failing all the time, usually by tiny amounts, but I got very demoralized and stopped going. Even a couple of years ago, when Evan and I first started having 'date Saturdays' every 8 weeks or so to go and donate blood, I would only pass about one time in 3. But the 3 most recent times we've gone, I've passed, and not just scraped by- my iron has been a full percentage point above what was needed. I love that! I really love giving blood and see it as my de facto volunteering until such time as I figure out another way to do so that I find rewarding. I've never become faint while donating, even though most of the time I do so on an empty stomach. Both my sister and mom are unable to donate, so I feel as though I'm doing so on their behalf since their makeup is somehow so different from mine.

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Today was a perfect, perfect time at ladies' sauna. Perfect timing in terms of it being not busy (only 3, maybe 4 of us total during my 90 minutes there; like having the entire spa to myself!), and also weather— upper 50s, some blue sky (after heavy rain when I first got up at 7:45 and then a thunderstorm predicted at 2 o'clock), and some fast moving, low white clouds to admire while cooling off after the steam room and dry sauna. I've begun saying that going to sauna is my going to church, and it really is. While there, I connect with the Divine, I celebrate my Divine self, the beauty of the Universe, and revel in the tremendous gratitude I have for where I am on my path. Going there feeds me spiritually and physically. That's just as good as being in choir at this point in time!

Getting integrated back with Women for Sobriety has been another positive facet in my world. For any of you who read this and aren't familiar, it's a non-12 step, women-centric, secular, feminist approach to living an alcohol free life, focusing specifically on how different it is for women with alcohol use disorder (though that term wouldn't have been bandied around back in 1976 when it was first started) than for men. There are 13 Acceptance Statements, recently updated in 2017. In contrast to 12 step verbiage, the Acceptance Statements are all about empowerment. It's felt so positive to be back in touch with this community, both online and in person.

The Acceptance Statements here under the cutCollapse )

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Mind movie

This morning I found myself watching my most recent Mind Movie, made back in January of 2018. In watching it, I discovered that a great many of the situations and realities that I was projecting and imagining back then have indeed come true! I began making Mind Movies in the summer of 2017 when introduced to them and given a lifetime membership while at The Sanctuary. Haven't made any in nearly a year, but after watching this one, perhaps it's time to make a new one. Thought I'd share the video with you, so here it is!

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October 25th "Year Without Fear"

I really love Tama Kieves. Very excited to get to meet her and attend a workshop of hers in person! And today's nugget of insight was so inspiring, I decided to share. :)

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Thriving Through Uncertainty workshop

Thriving Through Uncertainty

I'm signed up!! Sunday, Nov. 11th will be a big day for me: sauna, this great workshop, and then my first Flexibility class at The Circus Project. So much self-care!! Not only that, but this author/coach (whose book A Year Without Fear I cherish and read each day's thought and meditate on it for a bit) has chosen a location that is 4 blocks away from the apartment. Since I'll be cutting things close, though, I may ask Evan to drive me up there post-sauna. I can walk home and change clothes before needing to drive across the river to the Pearl District for the Flexibility class, but by then it will be my second time to visit The Circus Project, so I won't be as anxious in regards to parking. Plus it will be Sunday, not Friday evening.

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Sense of self challenges

So of late I've been really struggling with how to define myself. In the past it was easy. I was a writer. End of story. But now I don't know how to define who and what I am. I'm not defined by my recovery journey, I'm not defined by my work, I'm not defined as a writer since I haven't written anything in about a year-and-a-half… I don't have a tribe and I'm finding it very difficult to make one. I'm Evan's partner, but that doesn't seem like a full definition of who I am. I suppose right now I'm just Kristi, on a path — putting one foot in front of the other, trying to retain my integrity, and make choices that I can be proud of both now and down the road.

path in woods with shadows

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So much gratitude!

I was at sauna yesterday afternoon, ruminating on how I feel that I'm blissfully bobbing along on a sea of gratitude. Two weeks ago I was going through what I hope to be my final bad detox, and here I am now, anticipating starting a new job, taking a free into week at Pure Barre, maxing out my Spa Club time at Everett house... not only that, but thanks to not working in recent months, that I'm legally single, and Evan's year of paying alimony is up, I qualified immediately for Oregoncare. That means that I have state-support health insurance until the new year (I'll sign up for a subsidized insurance plan through the ACA in November, but it won't kick in until 2019), which most immediately meant that after the detox center up in Washington called in 2 refills of Antabuse for me, instead of me having to pay $131 out of pocket, I paid $0. I'm so incredibly grateful that there is still a social net here, and I look forward to paying back into it as of next week.

But because my mind still wants to find something to obsess about that could go wrong, I've been fighting off worries that my former housemate will decide not to return my deposit after Evan and I move out the rest of my stuff on Saturday. That's ridiculous even to contemplate considering that I may have spent maybe 14 nights there total during my time there, and all I did in my room was sleep or watch videos on my computer. My mind still wants to have very unnecessary conversations, so this morning I created a crystal grid and lit my two intention candles. I sent up prayers of thanks to the Universe and my Guardians, and said my mantra of peace:
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am on a sacred journey.
It's going to be okay.

crystal grid and intention candles

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