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So much gratitude!

I was at sauna yesterday afternoon, ruminating on how I feel that I'm blissfully bobbing along on a sea of gratitude. Two weeks ago I was going through what I hope to be my final bad detox, and here I am now, anticipating starting a new job, taking a free into week at Pure Barre, maxing out my Spa Club time at Everett house... not only that, but thanks to not working in recent months, that I'm legally single, and Evan's year of paying alimony is up, I qualified immediately for Oregoncare. That means that I have state-support health insurance until the new year (I'll sign up for a subsidized insurance plan through the ACA in November, but it won't kick in until 2019), which most immediately meant that after the detox center up in Washington called in 2 refills of Antabuse for me, instead of me having to pay $131 out of pocket, I paid $0. I'm so incredibly grateful that there is still a social net here, and I look forward to paying back into it as of next week.

But because my mind still wants to find something to obsess about that could go wrong, I've been fighting off worries that my former housemate will decide not to return my deposit after Evan and I move out the rest of my stuff on Saturday. That's ridiculous even to contemplate considering that I may have spent maybe 14 nights there total during my time there, and all I did in my room was sleep or watch videos on my computer. My mind still wants to have very unnecessary conversations, so this morning I created a crystal grid and lit my two intention candles. I sent up prayers of thanks to the Universe and my Guardians, and said my mantra of peace:
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am on a sacred journey.
It's going to be okay.

crystal grid and intention candles

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Groupons and new workouts

So excited for the 2 Groupons that I bought over the weekend: 3 classes with The Circus Project (thus far I've signed up for a flexibility class and an aerial fitness class) and 2 weeks unlimited with Industrial Barre. I'm also going to sign up for a free week of classes with Pure Barre for this coming week as it will be the last one when I'll have free daytime to go work out. Yay for group exercise that's new and different!

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Complete life change from a week ago

I'M STARTING A NEW CONTRACT JOB ON TUESDAY, THE 23RD!!! So excited! Via Aerotek, I'll be working for Centerlink Strategies, a company related to (but new as of July) Asset Recovery Group. I'll be doing patient-related customer support and the office is, no exaggeration at all, 3 blocks down the street. What an amazing turnaround from earlier this week, much less a week ago.

Evan and I also just watched an incredible documentary, "Three Identical Strangers." Can't recommend it enough. It went all sorts of places that I didn't expect from the beginning.

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Unexpected, sudden job interview

So I'd reached out to a couple of recruiters I've worked with in the recent and not-so-recent past. One was literally just about to go on vacation, but we'll touch base next week. The other had a billing and customer support role that she thought I could be a good fit for, and it is literally three blocks down the street. I wouldn't even need to ride the bus! I could come home for lunch! They seem pretty hot to trot in regards to filling 2 roles, and I'm walking up there for an interview at 2:15 today. The pay is bottom of the barrel, but in many ways, that doesn't matter as long as my quality of life is positive. I do want to know more details about what the actual job entails as it's part of a larger collections agency, but if I can get more actual billing experience and potentially remove the "A" from my CPC-A by using my coding skills, then all the better.

Did I mention it's 3 blocks down the street? Just checking. :)

I'll post later after my interview, but I believe that with my EXTENSIVE customer support background and recent certifications and being a mature member of the workforce, this should be a no-brainer. I enjoy interviewing, and I'm mostly wanting to find out what kind of training they provide and what a 'typical' day looks like. I do want to be sure I won't be isolated like I was at ZoomCare, but hell, I'll give just about anything a try for 3-6 months that's that close. It's a 9 month contract to hire but they review contracts every couple of months and apparently the other 2 people that this particular recruiting company has placed are already getting pay raises. Sounds good to me!

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Spirit animal food

As though it was made for me! I almost never go to Starbucks, but my aunt gave me a gift card last year and I wanted to be sure I wasn't late for my massage this morning, so I went to the one by the bus stop.

raccoon cookie

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Wedding dress update

After more consideration and sleeping on it for a couple of nights, I went ahead and have purchased the first dress that I kept going back to on ebay again and again. It just *looks* like something I'd wear. My concern has been the waist measurement: in this brave, new perimenopausal world I'm in now, I've experienced a slight but noticeable (to me) weight shift around my midsection. So... I'm going to try Spanx and see how it goes. So here's the dress! It could be seen as a little spring-y for November, but whatever. Oooooh. Now I need to be on the lookout for some long velvet gloves in a mid to dark grey... :)



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May. 1st, 2016

The past 48 hours have been much busier than my quiet life usually is! In no particular order:
~ I received a Q1 royalty notice from Dreamspinner! 2 copies of 'Surprised at Nothing' were sold, and now there's an additional $2.30 in my PayPal account. ;)

~ I saw the Jefferson Dancers yesterday at their matinee performance at the Newmark Theatre, mostly there to see Jessa, who is an alumna of said group. I was truly blown away by all of the dancing, the choreography, and music. Attending this reminded me of just how dear dance is to me, and that I've been a dancer all my life, just as I've been a singer. It was great to see Sarah and Renee as well in attendance!

~ Evan Nichols and I took time off of work Friday morning to go out to the McMenamin's in Edgefield for a scheduled meeting to look at a possible reception space. We were stood up. We were late, but I'd called and let them know we were there. We got there, the front desk called to our person. "She'll be right with you," we were told. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. After 15 minutes, we had to go because we were already running behind. All it would have taken for this person to turn the situation around would have been to put the person she had on the phone on hold, call down to the front desk, and let them know that she acknowledged we were there and she'd get there as soon as possible, and here are 2 vouchers for free pints at any McMenamin's. As it was, we just left. The coordinator did apologize, but didn't offer to put us first in line on a Saturday to visit, so that's over. I could have opted to go batshit about it all over social media, but decided not to.

~ Instead, we're nearly 100% settled on another McMenamin's location that is available for our date and time. We'll go visit it this afternoon.

~ I had some keywords/idea in mind for a wedding dress, went looking around the internet and eBay, found one, knew it was right, showed it to Evan, made an offer, it was accepted, and bought it. All within an hour. And no, I'm not going to keep anyone in suspense. Photos included, though I'm hoping to find a way to dye it in ombre fashion to bring some color to the non-velvet parts.

Wedding dress to be, back
Wedding dress to be, front

Amazing the changes a month can bring

So much has fallen into place since the darkness of mid-November, as well as me aggressively taking steps to ensure my long-term emotional and psychological health. One of the best things that happened recently is discovering that contrary to how I understood it, I'm not limited to 6 visits with my current psychiatrist— I can continue seeing her until my medications are all sorted out. It does mean that at some point I will need to find someone else, but it doesn't have to be at the front of the list right now. And she does what I want this person to do: work with me in support of the Sinclair Method as well as finding an effective anti-anxiety medication. She's starting me out on Effexor which has a lot going for it: it's an SNRI (which I haven't tried before- the SSRIs I've tried in the past did nothing) and it supposedly has a side benefit of counter-acting some menopausal symptoms. SCORE!! I'm in this for the long haul, so I'm going to start a kind of mood journal as I've done in the past to be able to see patterns and any new effects over weeks and months. It's all very positive.

This past Friday Evan and I went to the Airbnb holiday party and I had a successful, fun time. That's also a huge win for me. Appropriate amounts of alcohol were had, we stayed only as long as we wanted (and took our leave as the general volume in each room was becoming more than I could tolerate), and I was fully present for getting to see many friends and colleagues who'd come in from their 'remote' locations to join the festivities. This trend going to events and having a good time without being sloppy is one I'm very happy about.

I have a lot of reading and then beta'ing upcoming, plus finishing DotW. My totally manageable goal is to have the first rough draft done by the end of my week off around New Year's. At that point I'll reach out to a couple of people to read it and give just general feedback. Then I can decide whether or not to do more of an overhaul or to send it to a particular literary agent. Once that happens, I can think about writing the third and final novella with Reggie and Kelp, I suppose!

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Happy news!

I've known that Evan was my duprass since early spring of 2012; as of today, our partnership is public and official. We're now betrothed and will get married at some point in the future yet to be determined. While in many ways this doesn't change a thing, it's joyful to be able to call him my partner and fiancé.

Photo op from Mt. Tabor at early dusk after the proposal below!


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[peri]menopausal journey

Okay! The missing piece of the puzzle in what's been going on this year particularly now appears to have slotted into place: even though I can't tell by the conventional method of periods going wonky/away, in doing a lot of reading and watching a Mayo Clinic DVD about menopause in general, perimenopause what I've been experiencing for at least this past year- maybe even longer, but definitely since the spring. Not having any mood stabilizers that are effective is also a factor, but this one explains so much. Not just some of the crazy thoughts I've had, but also me being hot (which never happens) and at unexpected times, weight gain for no reason and in places I've never carried it before… I'm convinced I've found the remaining piece to work on.

So! For my sisters who've preceded me on this journey, I want to plumb your experiences and knowledge of this time. I recognize it's different for everyone, but I welcome your anecdotes, what helped and didn't, and your wisdom about how this period of time changed you— or didn't. If you'd rather email me off-list, I think you all have my email address. If not, let me know and I'll share it.

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