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A very social weekend, and of course, more insights

The start of my weekend was unique in that the clinic closed at 3 o'clock to host an 8 year celebration. I'd thought it would be an informal thing, and I believe it was, but it also became plain that in addition to there being lots of wine and sparkling wine, that it would be going on for a good couple of hours with the physicians and their families. With all that being the case, I decided that having extra daylight at the end of my day when I was already off the clock and not needing to spend lots of time around free alcohol (I'm not uncomfortable around it, but was already thinking about how to answer any questions about why I was abstaining) meant that I came home. The weekend was very social, especially for Evan and myself. We gave blood Saturday morning, then went by Mod Physique to pick up a cord for the inversion table I bought from Jessa (we're sadly *still* missing one element to the heater/massager element for the table), went to Seagrape for me to get a vial of essential oils I like as well as a ceremonial candle, saw Jocelyn at her house, then later in the evening met Evan's sister, his nieces and brother in law for a very yummy birthday dinner at a Thai restaurant south of Milwaukie. It was in honor of Arwen's birthday and a really great time. It felt tremendous to be comfortable to be with them just as I am. Yesterday morning was, of course, sauna, with me sharing yet another outpouring of thoughts and visions for myself in this amazing transformative year, then we went out to Hillsboro to be with Nicole and Chris and Holly and Elizabeth. What a treat!!! In between all of that, I had a long phone conversation with my dad and stepmom, hearing about their recent trip to New Zealand and Australia, with my sister, and also my mom. I even touched base with my friend Rhonda from my Nashville Opera days, but she was out with a friend herself.

Newish items to my self-awareness: in addition to being a Burgeoning Indomitable Leader, I'm also a Pavonine Creatrix. This is my Bespoke Year. I already wear a lot of bespoke clothes since I knit a lot and do sew on occasion, plus I take existing garments apart and make new things, or dye them, things like that. My hair is also bespoke, and as of last night's experiment, a rose gold with hints of magenta and looks pretty fried. :( It'll get better. Things I'm considering as part of this big year, since I know that 49 is the big one for me, not 50: an orchid/lilac leather pantsuit; a commissioned piece of jewelry, perhaps using some of the stones I have that are in settings I never wear; and then this list of actions and goals:
    ~ learning to safely and confidently do a front and back walkover
    ~ do a couple of big photoshoots of my knitted garments and/or my workout gear
    ~ learn how to safely lift weights
    ~ return to my 'fighting' weight of 110-115 and stay there
    ~ work on a particular novella with my cousin Matthew (perhaps more on that later)

Plus my regular to-do lists and new job and regular work schedule which starts today! I'm working Mon-Fri now, approximately 9-5:30 M-Th and then 8-4:30 on Fridays.

Speaking of, I have to go get ready for work. On this week's to do list is to really make my new Mind Movie, just recognizing that I want to be sure about specifics since I'm in such a powerful manifesting state. If I believe I'm going to make it happen, I will!! A few things for it beyond what's in the list above is us getting a cat (I passed the 3 month post-alcohol mark a few days ago)and finishing my 3rd and final Reggie/Kelp story that I was working on daily until everything creative in my world turned to fiber arts. ;)

Here's to a really good week!!!

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