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I thought it might be easier to create a 3-dimensional representation of what's going on in this supercalifragilisticreative brainscape in which I find myself than to try and use words. Plus, I don't think I've ever tried to show a concept of something in my head via a photo shoot! It's a few things, the most prominent one being of a double-knitted, 100% reversible swing coat with an op-art-sized houndstooth image, or oversized houndstooth pattern generally. Then there's also this Fox Paws pattern with a knitting technique I've never done so I got a set of 5 colors in inexpensive yarns to practice it. This picture sortof captures what's going on in my head with this explosion of ideas, patterns and concepts of creations I'm going to be making into real garments!

knitting books and yarns

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Tags: creativity, designing, houndstooth, knitting, living my dharma, reversible double knitting, swing coats ftw
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