Thevina (thrihyrne) wrote,

"Burgeoning Indomitable Leader"

While at sauna this morning, breathing in the restorative steam solo in the steam room, I was thinking about my next mind movie, which is essentially a video vision board. I've known this was going to be an extended period of transition even before this major change due to my new job and new responsibilities. But I realized just how much I'll be learning this year in my work environment: I'll be coding for office visits and procedures. I'll be billing for facilities and professional fees. I'll be learning Centricity, an older but known software in the field. I'll be seeing what it takes to start up a successful (and hopefully aspirational!) billing department within a clinic from the ground up. I'll also be up close and personal seeing what it's like for one business manager to hand over the reins and see how the clinic can increase efficiency and evolve during such a major changing of the guard **while** establishing a brand new in-house billing and coding team.

You know what all of that is? It's incredibly useful, experiential time and knowledge to add to an already rich work life. I believe I'm going to be a sponge this year, absorbing everything I can so that I can take on a leadership role of some kind within my professional community. I've been in the workforce a long time, and have a lot of perspective and knowledge to share. Most of my work roles have been on teams of one, or entry level, with no real opportunity to be on a leadership track. But what I'm going to be a part of from it's near-genesis is an opportunity of a lifetime, really-- and the experience will be applicable in so many environments. I am very excited about the upcoming challenges and growth I can tell are headed my way.

Who am I now? Burgeoning Indomitable Leader.

Next year? I suppose I'll be gifted with that inspiration for manifestation when the time is right. :)

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Tags: career karma, gifts of spirit
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