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May. 1st, 2016

The past 48 hours have been much busier than my quiet life usually is! In no particular order:
~ I received a Q1 royalty notice from Dreamspinner! 2 copies of 'Surprised at Nothing' were sold, and now there's an additional $2.30 in my PayPal account. ;)

~ I saw the Jefferson Dancers yesterday at their matinee performance at the Newmark Theatre, mostly there to see Jessa, who is an alumna of said group. I was truly blown away by all of the dancing, the choreography, and music. Attending this reminded me of just how dear dance is to me, and that I've been a dancer all my life, just as I've been a singer. It was great to see Sarah and Renee as well in attendance!

~ Evan Nichols and I took time off of work Friday morning to go out to the McMenamin's in Edgefield for a scheduled meeting to look at a possible reception space. We were stood up. We were late, but I'd called and let them know we were there. We got there, the front desk called to our person. "She'll be right with you," we were told. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. After 15 minutes, we had to go because we were already running behind. All it would have taken for this person to turn the situation around would have been to put the person she had on the phone on hold, call down to the front desk, and let them know that she acknowledged we were there and she'd get there as soon as possible, and here are 2 vouchers for free pints at any McMenamin's. As it was, we just left. The coordinator did apologize, but didn't offer to put us first in line on a Saturday to visit, so that's over. I could have opted to go batshit about it all over social media, but decided not to.

~ Instead, we're nearly 100% settled on another McMenamin's location that is available for our date and time. We'll go visit it this afternoon.

~ I had some keywords/idea in mind for a wedding dress, went looking around the internet and eBay, found one, knew it was right, showed it to Evan, made an offer, it was accepted, and bought it. All within an hour. And no, I'm not going to keep anyone in suspense. Photos included, though I'm hoping to find a way to dye it in ombre fashion to bring some color to the non-velvet parts.

Wedding dress to be, back
Wedding dress to be, front


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May. 1st, 2016 06:09 pm (UTC)
Love the dress!
May. 3rd, 2016 02:03 am (UTC)
Very nice! Congratulations!
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