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My life has changed.

This. The Sinclair Method.
Graphs showing the extinction of learned brain behaviors

Opiod blockers. Available as a generic. Taken only when drinking, an hour before drinking. A drug approved by the FDA in 1994. Non-addictive.
pharmacological extinction

An actual proven chemical to change the way your brain reacts to alcohol. The Sinclair Method is used extensively as an outpatient treatment at the Contral Clinic in Finland. By 2000, they had treated tens of thousands of patients with a claimed success rate around 78%, with 25% reducing their drinking to complete abstinence with little or no craving.

And why isn't it used here in the US? Because of our inherited culture of saying that habits and addictions are moral failures, instead of learned behaviors of chemicals on our brains. Is abstinence truly the only 'success'? How about a life, truly lived? It's 2015, not 1939.

I haven't had this much hope for myself in years.

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Mar. 14th, 2015 03:32 am (UTC)
No, it is available in the US- it's just that when doctors do prescribe it, their caveat is usually that it's to be hand in hand with abstinence-- which means that it's actually having almost no efficacy at all. You have to take it, wait an hour, and then drink. That's the way to first fire the receptors, and then for the Naltrexone to block it. And it takes a while- often many months. But it curbs back the effects of drinking, so that the over the top reaction of people with alcohol problems becomes extinct. The brain re-learns to react like 'normal' brains do. I'm seeing my doctor next Wednesday and I don't think she'll have any issues prescribing it if I talk up how it curbs cravings. That part is pretty well known. But I'm not going to bring up the Sinclair Method yet because I already know she's very predisposed to 12 steps and/or abstinence as the only way.
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