January 24th, 2019

Thrihyrne's thistle by eccequambonum

Spring awakening

I thought I smelled a whiff of spring when I walked to the library today. I stopped at a shrub, watching birds flit about it, between it and the tree nearby. It suddenly struck me that I'm in my own spring awakening. That's what this extended transition is. No wonder I've been sensing it as the sea change that it is. I've been not just "spring isn't my favorite season" but actively loathing spring for a couple of decades now. I saw it as a kind of 'false promises' season long before Rosie committed suicide on a May day. In an academic year sense, spring is a time of endings, and why I always loved autumn. Autumn is/was a time for new starts and beginnings!

But now... now I'm almost electric with the burgeoning going on in my psyche. I feel I *am* promise. I *am* potential. It makes my drive toward the bright and vibrant make much more sense! I'm budding.

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