August 25th, 2006

Thrihyrne's thistle by eccequambonum

At long last, a new Gimlific

This (my most recent for my fanfic100 table, All About Gimli) has been written in fits and starts, and recently completed after looking at some delightful and kind comments left to me as part of the MEFAs in regards to my Dwarf-centric fic. It reminded me that I need to get back to my Tolkien roots, and having llembas's fave samples from the extended LotR soundtrack haven't hurt, either.

Boy, do I miss Middle Earth. So glad that it's there for me when I'm ready to revisit. Have already put a bookmark into my copy of LotR for the next in my Gimli table. I think it'll be from Legolas' POV, which would be totally… new territory.

This was initially inspired by celandineb and just_ann_now's visit earlier in the summer, which made me think about Dwarvish culture and tattoos. Me being me, I've imposed the ritualism of tattoos on my other favorite culture already, the Rohirrim, with my first long story, "Daughters of Oromë." But when Cel and Ann visited and we all talked out loud about what we love about the cultures we adore and their attributes, JRRT-given and otherwise, I recognized that the secretive Dwarves might very well have tattooing of a sort as an element to what I see as a very hierarchial societal framework. JRRT in The Hobbit tells us that each Dwarf wears a hood of a different color (we'll overlook the fact that their beards are ALSO different colors; it was a children's bedtime story, after all, in its earliest incarnation). I thought it would make sense to intimate that the different colors indicate different professions, and so I've run with that in many of my Dwarf-centric stories. Because it's not like there are heaps of Dwarvish culture scholars out there to tell me my musings are crap. Bit of a shame, that. Further inspiration came when it was pointed out to me that I often write about Gimli and Pippin's relationship, one that must be somewhat unique in that Gimli goes seeking Pippin out after the battle of the Pelennor. "Black Diamond," which expounds on that, was one of my first Gimli-centric stories, and perhaps it colors my perception of things. But I really didn't know I was focusing on that until somebody showed me how blatantly obvious it had been in my writings.

Onward to fic!

Title: Via Media
Prompt: Passing
Rating: G
Gap-filler, just prior to the Fellowship leaving Rivendell

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