June 28th, 2006

Sirius Black

New fic: "Stray No More;" R/S, NC-17

This is my commission story for the Demelza House fundraiser that The Quidditch Pitch is having. Someone donated enough for a 2000-2999 word story; This one clocks in around 4600. :shrug: I chose the prompt "the summer after leaving Hogwarts, Sirius pursues Remus." For whomever asked for it, I hope she enjoys. And you, too, gentle readers! I haven't written the puppies in ages, never this young, and never as a first-time scenario.

For those on my flist not into this, it is slash, so feel free to pass it by. My eternal gratitude to llembas for her beta.

Title: Stray No More
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Genre: Romance, First-Time, PWP
Summary: The summer after leaving Hogwarts, Sirius realizes he's fallen for his flatmate and best friend. What's a relatively inexperienced, but very keen bloke supposed to do? A tale of discovery and new beginnings.

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Thrihyrne's thistle by eccequambonum

Gimli drabble; prompt: Thanksgiving

I'm still writing the other Gimlifics, but this one just came to me in drabble form. Since it encompasses a lot in a very few words: this is set after the Ring War; Gimli is back home, presumably after Aragorn's coronation and he and Legolas have seen the Glittering Caves and all that. The Dwarves lost a lot of people in their own battles up north during the mess in Mordor; this takes that into consideration. Vram is Gimli's… companion.

Title: Earth Friend Thee Forever
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: PG for implied deaths and m/m relations.

Gimli endured the feast, the likes of which hadn't been engineered since the successful, but devastating conclusion of the Battle of Five Armies. He'd fought there; tested his metal, in the most visceral way imaginable. He still harboured an otherwise inexplicable, profound satisfaction of the thunking, wet sound of his hacking blade. Goblin, orc, other… he'd battled enough.

His palms itched with memory.

Much later, he sat on his heels in the moonlight, paying homage to his fallen kindred. The fire in his diamond was gone, forever. Gimli thanked Mahal for sheltering Vram until they were reunited again.

He wept.