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So it's been a while!

I haven't posted in DW/LJ land for quite some time. In the interim I've gone on FMLA again to ensure that I'm getting my medications completely under control, I went to Hawaii for a week to challenge myself in almost every way possible, and now I'm 2 days into an amazing 9 day period of getting to spend every day with Evan at home because BHFT has a weekly shutdown for the July 4th holiday. Today I had quite the to-do list and I've done a tremendous amount of it. One element included getting out my sewing machine and making curtains to replace the 2 blankets that we had clothespinned to a curtain rod to keep our one room cool (we have a portable air conditioning unit that we keep in the living room, which is where our bed is) since we have crazy hot weather in the 90s and possibly 100s for the next two weeks. I also made a kitchen curtain to do the same kind of thing, with these amazing heat reflecting and light/sound blocking liners that we hung up in the living room a couple of months ago in anticipation of summer. Photos are below!



I finally got back to my Reggie/Kelp sequel, as the one major thing I'm demanding of myself to be completed by the end of Evan's week off is to have the final 2 1/2 scenes written. I want to be able to send the first draft to a couple of betas by the weekend. Tomorrow marks the 2 month mark of the release of Surprised at Nothing, and one of my projects is to use social media to have a giveaway of a copy and to drive some traffic to my author blog. I also created a Facebook page to do with the Sinclair Method and people in the Portland area. I'm basically trying to create my own recovery group since it doesn't already exist. It's a lot of energy, but I owe it to myself and anyone else in this geographic area who may feel s/he is doing this alone for us to find each other and share experiences.

The past week has been incredibly positive in so very many ways. I'm back on track with basically everything; I applied to 2 companies with interesting jobs and have revisited my prior haunts of universities and will apply to everything that seems appropriate in the next 72 hours just to keep momentum going. I don't mind returning to Airbnb, but it seems pretty obvious that the culture and I don't go together very well unless I can stay at home all the time. I'm thrilled that I was able to buy 2 original works by Nicole Maki last Tuesday, and am really looking forward to hanging them on the wall in the next day or so. My other dream is to be able to buy a piece that my college roommate, Honor Marks, has done. She's an artist in Charleston and has been showing at Spoleto for years now. She had her first child last year on my birthday (thanks for that, roomie! I'll always remember his birthday!) but it just exhausts me to think about her having an 18 month old at age 45. Egads.

Sorry I haven't been around much- if there are things I missed or if you'd like to email me, please do!

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Jun. 30th, 2015 04:22 am (UTC)
I am so happy that you are doing what you can to take care of yourself. I don't know much about the Sinclair Method - I'd never actually heard of it before you - but if it helps you cope with some of your health issues, I am a fan! :) I hope you find others working with this method in your area and can pull a community together for support.

Definitely work on figuring out a work situation which is liveable. One mistake I made was not doing that sooner than I tried to. It sounds to me like you're taking some very healthy steps. I'm glad you have connections with souls who help and inspire you. :)

*hugs snugs* I always love your updates, both here and on FB. It's like a smile and a hug across the hundreds of miles, and your smiles are so like sunshine and happiness and beauty. <3 Someday, I hope, perhaps I'll be able to hug you in person again.

Love and hugs,
Febobe <3
Jul. 3rd, 2015 02:03 am (UTC)
I just love hearing from you! It's so wonderful to be able to find you on FB and interact in a bit more of an immediate space. I have so many hugs for you- whether virtual or in person, you, Kimbra Wilder Gish, have made an impact on me that I will be forever grateful for. ♥
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