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The cusp of a new week

I was just over reading LJ and got inspired to post myself. :) Yesterday morning I typed in the most recent few pages of my ofic story that will hopefully, eventually, be submitted to Dreamspinner Press once it's all said and done. I don't enjoy that I write in such fits and starts anymore, and it took typing in a few pages to get re-grounded and rediscover that thankfully there was a flow to it. This Wednesday is a sauna day, and my hope is that I'll be inspired as I usually am while lying quietly in the dry sauna, or sitting up in the steam sauna. I'm also being treated to time in a friend's hot tub after that, so it will be a day of healthy self-indulgence, especially since it starts out with getting to sleep in and then a Mod Physique class.

I'm trying to stay more in touch with friends; last week I wrote several short letters and sent cards and that always buoys my spirits. This week there are people I'm going to try to talk with on the phone— there's something satisfying about writing down these things on a to-do list and being able to check them off, all while enjoying the experience of actually reaching out to people I care about.

The super-complicated double-knitted, reversible vest for my brother is coming along! I've knitted 3" and have discovered, somewhat to my dismay, that while the really cool bat motif on the back is indeed the width I'd wanted, it's only going to be as tall as the armhole. :( Had I realized that, I would have done some motif for the bottom 4", the the bats, and then the remaining 4" so it would be centered. Oh well. I'll improvise. Once I get about halfway done with the bat motif I'll take photos as it really is going to be an eye-catcher. If only it didn't make me then think of other knitting ideas— I'm already swamped with them!! Ah well. I shouldn't be ungrateful for so much creative outpouring, even if it's not in the particular realm I want. ;)

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Apr. 21st, 2014 09:15 pm (UTC)
So great to hear you're writing again, with a goal. Good for you. Staying in touch is hard sometimes. Time goes by so quickly. I'm currently not getting my 1000 words for the day done (that seems like such a low amount, but still difficult for me these days. Glad you're still knitting as well.
Apr. 27th, 2014 09:40 pm (UTC)
Please tell me whether I e-mailed you back! I can't remember whether I actually got it done or whether I just wrote it in my head and THOUGHT I got it out to you!

I swear, if my head weren't attached.... Good luck with your story and vest! :)
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