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OMG Yuletide gift #2!!!

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Evidently this is the Year In Which Thevina Gets Two Yuletide Stories. The second one is in a fandom I've included in my own hoped-for writing category every year, "Secret of Roan Inish." It's a quiet story, which is evocative of the film, and my anonymous author obviously is as besotted by the film as I am. Her (I assume) story is just what I could have hoped for, addressing what it would have been like for Fiona and Jamie, her lost-then-found younger brother, as they get older and are still coping with Jamie's youngest years.

Even if you haven't seen the movie, if you have a thing for selkies and Scottish island myths, you'll love this delicious gem.

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My Yuletide Gift!!

Thrihyrne's thistle by eccequambonum
I'll admit that in past years, I was mostly jazzed about writing, not what I received. This year, however, has brought a truly marvelous story my way that I'm not waiting to share!! It's set within "Almost Human," and if you know the wonderful TV series that SO disappointingly wasn't continued, you will love this short story. Everything about it is spot on: the banter, the dialogue, the knowledge of the show. It's phenomenal. If you're interested, please go and read and leave the (still anonymous) author some kind words! ♥

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I tend to write for about 30 minutes in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, just small sections of things before I can handle looking at a computer. I've been primarily working on my Dreamspinner novella sequel, the one that may not ever be contracted, I realize. But maybe the first one will sell enough and they'll want to support a sequel. Anyway, I was writing it yesterday and the protagonist and his lover were discussing how they'd get from their cottage to Dowth, maybe a mile or two away. The protagonist asked if they were driving, and the lover noted he doesn't know how to drive a car, so they had bicycles. To which the protagonist surprised me and his lover by saying that he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. I love it when my characters surprise me with information about themselves I hadn't planned out!!

Since I finished my Yuletide story so quickly, I went to the 'Dear Yuletide Letter' spreadsheet and have selected an Orphan Black request that I'd love to write. Just a short vignette missing moment from an episode in season two we watched a couple of weeks ago. I've never written a pure gift fic before, but I'm really excited to write something in a fandom I've both never written for, and one that I'm currently enjoying myself. ♥

I'm about to have the most social couple of weeks than I've had in maybe a year or more! We'll be enjoying Thanksgiving with our dear friends [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup, a tradition I feel so fortunate to get to share with them, then Thursday the 4th Evan and I will attend the Portland office Airbnb holiday extravaganza. This is only the third ever local event where a +1 has been invited. :P Should be interesting since I'm still remote and don't know a good 5/6 of the people who work at the office now. We'll plan to go right at 7:00 and hang out for 2 hours or so before coming home and letting the younger set get crazy with an open bar. Saturday the 6th we have another holiday event with dear friends who've returned to the area from Utah, and then Tuesday the 9th one of the highlights of my month happens: one of my very dear colleagues who's also a remote employee is coming to Portland to visit the office again. She's gathered up a bunch of us who are now 'old timers' in Airbnb-parlance (nearly 2.5 years or longer) and mostly remote or only-recently-not-remote women to go out to dinner. It's a foretaste of how I'm now viewing next year's One Airbnb 2.0 to be held at HQ in SF. I didn't go last year; I was very conflicted in how I felt about my employer at that time, and was personally struggling with a lot of things that I'm not now. I'll be attending this year, and really looking forward to getting to see all of my remote buddies and talking about non-work things. :)

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To do

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Perhaps especially when I was in particularly dark places of my psyche, I made daily to do lists to have the structure of accomplishing things each day. Now that things are going well, I continue to do so. For my own historical archiving, more than anything else, here is my weekend to do list:
    ⌖ hang posters/art
    ⌖ look at Oregon coast Airbnb listings (for upcoming weekend away for my birthday in January)
    ⌖ vote
    ⌖ repair sweater & Evan's sock
    ⌖ re-read Rune Throwing and sequel
    ⌖ call Jen S. Friday night
    ⌖ call Lynda (done)
    ⌖ make thank you card for Jocelyn
    ⌖ recolor hair
    ⌖ upload last of HASA fics and Slave Breaker fics to Ao3
    ⌖ take photos of 80s clothes & purple DKNY jacket and put on ebay & etsy for sale
    ⌖ same with Fisherman's Sweaters book

There are the usual other things in there: go to Mod Physique, eat, do things around the house. And really, I work Sundays, so I suppose this is mostly for today. But actually pretty manageable. Happy weekend to you all!! ♥

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I'm copying much of this from my friend heartofoshun, as she has so eloquently phrased this true end of an era. Henneth-Annun is going to shut down at the end of this calendar year. From the site announcement: "HASA will be retired and taken offline at the end of the year. This is not being done lightly, and there is a lot of sorrow surrounding the decision."

I'm tearing up just writing this down. I learned so much from that site, and all of my vast amount of Tolkien fanfic is there. My ancient (ie: 10 year old) character biographies are there. I was mentored and won awards there. I mentored other authors once I'd been writing for a while there. My second fanfiction survey paper, Under the Waterfall, was written about HASA participants in particular and how they saw themselves. That paper was even referenced and printed in its entirety in a fellow fandom studies' book, The Democratic Genre: Fan Fiction in a Literary Context. It's just so sad. Perhaps this is the universe's way of prompting me to learn enough to do a major overhaul of my own, rustic website.

Anyway, heartofoshun eloquently wrote this: "But first and foremost it prompted a serious love for, engagement in, and commitment to the entirety of the fandom and all its genres. It promoted the sense that fanfic writing was real writing and deserved to be treated as such."

I'm posting this publicly to assist in getting the word out if, like me, you hadn't been active of late and may want to revisit what all you have there and go snag it if you hadn't.

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The complicated vest project

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It's not quite finished, but I'm getting pretty close! Many of you all aren't on the Book of Face, which is absolutely fine (I mostly play games) but it's become so difficult for me to post pics here in DW/LJ land. But! Ravelry has made it super easy. I uploaded 5 new pictures of this double knitted, reversible vest for my brother, and you can see the pics here! I'm going to have heaps of yarn left over. I think I may need to make one similar for me, though sized appropriately. My brother is tall and has a very broad chest and back. It's been mostly fun to work on, and I've found myself really enjoying double knitting. A couple of months ago evannichols and I even sat in bed talking about an excel program he could make up in order to make a double-knitted, reversible vest or top with a different design on each side. It'd be a nightmare to look at in terms of a charted pattern, but with only 2 colors, it could easily be made into a binary chart that he could help make.

Yes, uber geeks. ♥

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I haven't done one of these in a while, but this is a cursory Myers Briggs:
    Kristi's Personality Type Results

What strikes me about this is that it's not quite a 180 from what I got in college and my 20s, when I was a solid ENFP. Now the extrovert has become introverted, the intuition to more evaluation, feeling is the same, but I'm also much more analytical and judging than perceiving. I'd begun noticing these changes by my mid-30s, much of it having to do with my then-newish extraordinary writing life, but also several years into a marriage in which we didn't have a social life together with other people after Kurt's best friend had moved away. So many factors into his and my descent into separate lives in the same house, on those rare moments when I think about that anymore.

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Writing. Joy. Moonstruck.

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Not sure that I agree with this, but…

You were born during a First Quarter moon

This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waxing phases, after the new moon and before the full moon.

- what it says about you -

You test everything. You're sometimes unhappy with what others think is "good enough". You point out things you see wrong with the world, even if others are afraid it may cause some unrest. When something isn't right, you're the one who's not afraid to make dramatic changes. You're good at keeping your head in a crisis and reminding people that it takes a shakeup to fix things.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

Haven't posted here in forever; nor on LJ. I futz around on FB, not really posting anything that's deeply personal, but I do love the games. Aiyiyi.

In quick news, finished my first original fic m/m story and have submitted it to Dreamspinner. Am waiting. Will also be reaching out to a friend who's become a literary agent as I would really love to be under her wing as well. The original fic story really needs a sequel, but I'm too stubborn to start on it until and unless I know it's going to be published. In the interim, I've started another original fic story, for a smaller Dreamspinner imprint, and this one will be f/f. It's essentially me in 'Sliding Doors' format; what if? What if I'd fallen for this mythical creature with multicolored hair and tattoos who knits? It's writing itself since it's shameless autobiography without some of my more troubling traits, and the love interest is an amalgam of people I know and yet I hope she'll develop her own unique character as well. I'm really having fun with this one, going to town with just writing it, being as self-indulgent as I want to.

I have a friend who works at Dreamspinner, and I did some gratis proofreading for them, which has given me the confidence to submit works there. Quite to my surprise I found myself attracted to this small imprint, which is so different I'm including the entire description here:
    Itineris Press
    An imprint of Dreamspinner Press providing the best in LGBT faith-based fiction
    Because the journey is as luminous as the destination.

    Itineris stories are:

    ~ contemporary
    ~ immediate
    ~ relationship-based
    ~ diverse in race, religion, and spirituality
    ~ focused on the beauty of unconditional love and LGBT sexuality

    These stories explore the LGBT experience—romance can be a part of the stories, but the absolute focus is the spiritual change and growth that comes with acceptance and unconditional love.

All at once when I read that, I had a vision of this novel(la), of me (but of course not exactly me, but you know what I mean) and what could have happened. I've long struggled with my religion and spirituality, and can explore that fully in this work, which is so liberating. I remember having very heated, emotional discussions and arguments with my conservative boyfriend in college (same one who broke me apart post-divorce, but I can work through that in this work as well) about religion, to going through part of the discernment process about whether or not I'd been called to be a priest myself in my early 30s (Episcopalian), to feeling the spirituality of the Anglican music I was singing but feeling I was a fraud if I took communion, to at last now being at peace as an atheist, but one whose spirit is vast and boundless. Since this imprint writes of diversity in religion and spirituality, I'm hoping that a vague pagan after all of this more typical religious life will be included. And, if not, I'll publish it elsewhere. But there was something about that combination that has just brought this fantastic kaleidoscope of images and burgeoning relationship of a divorced woman who's been attracted to all sorts of people in a variety of body types (ie: pansexual or simply sexual) and finds herself drawn deeply to someone who perhaps is more at peace with herself than the protagonist is at first.

I'm loving starting on this story, I must say. :D I may consider posting sections in chunks as I did with my monk fic, so if people are interested on being on that filter, please let me know!

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Thrihyrne's thistle by eccequambonum
evannichols and I watched a video via Netflix titled "The Mystery of Eels" found via Nature. I'm delighted to let you know that it's available online here via PBS. While the narrator's voice wasn't ideal in terms of tone, nuance and the like, the narrator is a writer and artist, and as it turns out, this documentary is based on a book he published once this 'finding out more about eels' project became bigger than anticipated. Or it seems that it became larger than he'd anticipated. James Prosek is a naturalist and other things, and what struck me about the documentary was how engaging it was. Evan and I had selected it because 1) it was live streaming and 2) neither of us knew much of anything about eels. But because this guy James has an artistic approach to the topic, and brought in so much in the various locations (New England, New Zealand, Japan), I found myself quite surprisingly moved and it was poignant. Evan was similarly engaged (though with the narrator's not-made-for-narrating-voice, he'd apparently wanted to bail at first) for many of the same reasons. While it is a documentary about eels, it's mostly about people's interactions with them, lifetimes spent studying them, generations of people revering them and them taking on symbolic capture or freedom.

All of that to say: highly recommended. :)

And in very exciting news, I completed my first original fiction story. It's not the first one I started, but it's first one to be finished. YAY!! I know it will need some serious editing; this was definitely a first pass and was started months ago as a fic for the Harry Potter community. I veered away from that pretty quickly, but I'll need to be sure that the flow and pacing and characterizations are consistent since I worked on it off and on (a lot off) for the past 9 months or so. This gives me hope for returning to my monk fic, which was last summer's project, but hey. My printout is in its binder, ready for me to get back to it for a Grand Re-Read to remember all of the characters and probably take it in another direction as I didn't like what was going on where I'd stopped it.

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Fiery Miranda
Since it's challenging to upload directly anymore, and I've taken to uploading in Facebook instead, if there are those of you who'd like to see pictures, I've finally added new photos to my Flickr account. I can't link directly, because Flickr is a bastard that way, but I can definitely link you to the set which mostly covers 2013 and 2014. Enjoy!!

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